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How To Know The Hair Type

How To Know The Hair Type

People are curious about their growth and some are also curious to know the hair type they have. You will read here how to know the hair type you have.

Proper hair care is essential not just for appearances, but also for your general health. Specific hair kinds necessitate different procedures. One of the simplest methods to enhance your hair care efforts is to understand your hair type and treat it properly. Taking a hair-type quiz is the best method to do this.

Understanding your hair type will help you choose items that will be most useful to you. How do you take care of your hair? To discover, take our hair type quiz.

Hair type quiz:

We have some hair type quiz by which we can now hair types that we have. Its details are given below.

Hair appearance:

Let’s start with your hairstyle. Allow your hair to air dry after your next wash to accurately assess your hair type. Is it: Is it: after your hair has air-dried without using any product:

  • Straight? (without using curls)
  • Wavy? (curves shaped like an s)
  • Curly? (remarkable and well-defined loops)
  • Curls that are overly tight? (Spirals and coils are included.)
  • Coils that lack definition? (a variety of curls and coils)

Most people will be able to identify these hair kinds and the major category to which they belong.

Sub-qualities determine each hair type within each hair group. In truth, there are numerous varieties of curls or coils, and finding where you fall can be difficult. Curl patterns vary from person to person.

Hair Structure:

Once you’ve determined your major hair type, it’s time to determine your hair structure. This is commonly accomplished using a strand test, which can be performed by sight or touch. We’ll utilize the touch approach for this hair type quiz because it helps us assess the diameter of your hair more accurately. Rub a strand of hair back and forth between your fingers.

Your hair type is regarded as fine if you don’t feel anything.

If you can feel the hair between your fingertips, you have medium hair.

If your hair feels thick between your fingers, you have coarse hair.

Hair Prosperity:

Hair porosity refers to your hair’s capacity to absorb moisture and natural substances from ethically derived products. Knowing your hair porosity might help you take better care of it because it will tell you how well it retains protein and moisture. Let’s find out how porous your hair is:

  • Low porosity:

Dry slowly without the use of a blow dryer or other heat sources. This hair has a hard time absorbing hair care products.

  • Balanced prosperity:

Porosity that is balanced is easy to maintain and has a natural bounce. Furthermore, it is simple to style without requiring a lot of product.

  • High porosity:

Tends to dry quickly. Moisture may evaporate as easily as it can be absorbed. It normally necessitates a substantial amount of hair product and may occasionally fizz.

Unsure how to estimate the porosity of your hair? The float test is a typical method. In a glass of room temperature water, place a bit of hair. If your hair floats, you most likely have poor porosity. Hair that sinks slowly indicates even porosity, whereas hair that sinks quickly indicates that your hair has high porosity.

Other tests include spraying your hair with water and measuring how long it takes for it to be absorbed. Hair that absorbs water fast, for example, is a plus.

Scalp moisture:

The final section of this hair type exam will evaluate the moisture level of your scalp. Which of these three scalp types is the most similar to your hair?

  • Dry:

 Sebum, a wax-like material that helps prevent brittleness, protects your hair strands. If your scalp feels dry and itchy, it’s usually due to a lack of sebum production, which can cause breakage.

  • Oily:

 Do you have oily hair? Because of an excess of sebum, your hair may collect debris, causing a chemical reaction that can irritate the scalp and lead to dandruff.

  • Balance:

A balanced scalp produces an equal amount of oil.

Now that you know what kind of hair you have, you may improve your hair care routine. Our comprehensive product selection is designed to help you efficiently maintain the health of your hair. Prose enjoys making one-of-a-kind items from natural materials. Create your own one-of-a-kind hair recipe today and learn about the best products for healthy, long-lasting hair.


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