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Hair Type List

Hair Type List

All humans have hair which gives them unique personalities. These have a vital impact on our personality. All of us do not have the same hair. There are types of hair. And here we have a hair type list in which you’ll easily find your hair type.

How to achieve a unique personality?

If you want to obtain lustrous and healthy hair, the best approach to start is to determine your hair type and then select the correct hair care routine and products for it. This allows you to provide your hair-focused activity and hence maintain your hair much better.

Types of hair:

But if you’re entirely confused about your hair type, don’t worry, DW. You will lower down on all the different varieties of hair, as well as the basics of how to care for each hair type, so you can get started right now.

There are only four major types of hair in general, the hair type list is as follows:

  • Straight Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Wavy Hair
  • Kinky Hair

Hair type is a phrase that describes the curvature pattern of our hair strands. Hair can be straight, wavy, curly, or kinky. To identify your hair pattern, wash it and leave it without conditioner or serum. In a mirror, you can see how your hair looks. You can also pull a few strands from your comb and lay them on white paper to see how they curl or lay flat to get a good indication of your hair type.”

Isn’t it straightforward? Now, let’s go through everything you need to know about each hair type in-depth.

Straight Hair:

Straight hair is the simplest to distinguish. In the hair type list, straight hair is on top.  If your hair does not curl or appear wavy, it simply implies that you have straight hair. Straight hair typically seems flat and limp because the natural oils produced on your scalp easily coat straight hair. Even if your straight hair appears light, thin, and lacks volume, your individual strands could be thick or coarse. However, because this type of hair lacks a curl pattern, it appears slightly less voluminous.

Straight Hair. Hair Type List

Wavy Hair:

Because of the prominent abundance wavy hair is included in the hair type list.  Wavy hair is classified into three types: type 2a, type 2b, and type 2c, based on the form and extent of the wave.

  1. Type 2a – Type 2a wavy hair has straight hair for about two inches from the roots and then becomes somewhat wavy till the ends.
  1.  Type 2b – Similar to type 2a, but with a somewhat more distinct wave in the shape of an ‘S’.
  1. Type 2c hair – If your hair has an ‘S’ pattern from the crown area, you have Type 2c hair. This style of hair has much more defined waves, which adds hold and texture.
Wavy Hair

Curly hair:

It is not difficult to determine if you have curly hair. If your waves form a loop, your hair type will be classified as curly. Curly hair, like wavy hair, is classified into three categories based on the tightness and thickness of your curls. Furthermore, all curly hair is frizzy and hence requires extra care and hydration. Further hair type list of curly hair is as follows.

  • Type 3a – This type of curl is typically found in fine hair and is distinguished by extremely loose, large curls. Because of the size of the curls, maintaining and styling this hair type is not difficult.
  • Type 3b – This is the best and most sought-after type of curl. These curls generate beautiful ringlets and are frequently seen by celebrities. The nicest thing about this curl type is that it is neither too thick nor too thin, which makes hair extremely easy to style and maintain.
  • Type 3c – If your curls are exceptionally thick, and coarse, and have a corkscrew structure, you most likely have this type of curls. Curls of type 3c are a cross between bouncy and tight corkscrew curls. If you have type 3c curls, you may notice that they are gritty and not as soft as you would want. Using the correct product can assist in softening.
Curly hair:

Kinky hair:

Kinky hair, often known as kinky hair, is a subcategory of curly hair. This hairstyle is a combination between ‘Z’ and ‘S-shaped curls that are incredibly tight and frizzy, making it the hardest to manage.

Further hair type list of kinky hair is as follows.

Type 4a: – This kinky hair has a very pronounced ‘S’ curl with a very wiry texture. Type 4a is likewise often thin and delicate, but the tight curls provide the appearance of thickness. Because your hair is prone to breakage, you must be particularly delicate when washing and styling it.

Type 4b: – Unlike type 4a, type 4b has a very defined ‘Z’ pattern that can be thick or thin depending on the texture of your hair. Although this hair is soft to the touch, it is also quite fragile and can break easily, especially if you comb your hair frequently.

Type 4c: – Because this hair is firmly curled, it is prone to being very coily and frizzy. Because of the tight z-shaped curls, this is the type of curl that gives the shape of a natural afro.

Tips for straight hair:

Regular hair wash:

While some people choose to skip washing their hair every few days, those with Type 1 hair should wash their hair with shampoo on a frequent basis to avoid oily locks. Look for shampoos that are carefully developed for regular hair cleaning while also preventing oil build-up, such as Papilla Scalp’s Minty Clean Shampoo.

Regular hair wash is the best to tip for straight hair.

Natural Products:

The best tip for straight hair is always to use natural products. Always use While your hair may appear lifeless and dull owing to a lack of volume, rather than overcompensating with a plethora of products, focus on selecting products that have natural elements such as vitamin E or grapefruit seed oil to protect your natural hair oils. This also gives your hair a healthy lift while not weighing it down.

Sleep dry wet hair: If you have Type 1 hair, avoid sleeping with wet hair to avoid morning frizz. To reduce frizziness, use a leave-in conditioner and twist your hair into a loose braid if you must sleep with moist hair. This is the best tip for straight hair and good hair.


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